Lijf tennis

Who’s Jerôme?

Jerôme Inen (1965) started playing tennis in 1981, the last year Borg and McEnroe met in the Wimbledon-finals. Jerôme is originally a journalist and a writer. He wrote, amongst others, for the Dutch daily De Volkskrant, the magazines Intermediair and Vrij Nederland, and published two novels (Zomergriep, 2001, Het Bos, 2003)

In 2003 he switched to teaching. He became a certified tenniscoach and started teaching both tennis and Dutch writing at the New School for Information Services in Amsterdam ( .

From that moment on, he started exploring the question: why do so many people feel frustrated and angry when they try to learn something? Is it their own fault? Is it the teachers fault? Or is the way we learn and teach fundamentally wrong?
Jerôme: ‘Traditional learning – in tennis and in most of all disciplines – is looking from the outside in. It is done primarily from the perspective of an instructor who has an ‘ideal form’ the student has to emulate. Student themselves then start to look at themselves the same way: as if they are their own driving instructor. Left, right, turn!
‘I’ve learned tennis the same way – and it is not the right way! Lijftennis is my attempt to show other people a way to learn quicker, with better results and less frustration. If I have one message: don’t copy others, play and learn from your own body and perspective!’